Integrative Functional Medicine

We look at the root cause of illness!

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We believe in Preserving wellness, Preventing illness, & Promoting recovery!

At House of Healing, we recognize that the current system of health care no longer provides health to the patients. It does not address how to prevent illness and how to live a healthy lifestyle, and focuses solely on "Sick Care".

Over the last few decades, the doctors are trained to diagnose a “Dis-Ease”, and how to prescribe medications for it. The amount of training provided in nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle to Conventional medicine tends to focus on the branches and leaves of the tree, organ systems, and disease diagnoses. At the House of Healing, we look at the trunk and roots, the fundamental imbalances (trunk) and the foundational lifestyle factors: sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress levels, relationships, and genetics (roots and soil). This type of approach is also known as Integrative functional medicine.

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It’s about you and healing the underlying problem

Integrative Functional Medicine is science-based and focuses on the body systems as a whole, rather than individual symptoms. It is also individualized to each person. Rather than focusing on specific problems, functional medicine looks into the lifestyle, biological chemistry, and genetics. Because each person is unique from the bacteria in our gut, to how we respond to the environment, what triggers genes on/off, and what nutrients we require. Integrative Medicine dives deep into each person’s medical history to find the cause of symptoms or disease. Once the probable cause is determined, treating the cause and healing the body usually results in improvement or resolution of symptoms or disease.